How to Prioritise Your Tasks Like a Pro

This is how to prioritise your tasks like a pro. Perfect if you’re wondering where to start with bulging To-Do list!

Alright my friends! I’ve been listening to your comments and questions and I know that you sometimes feel overwhelmed with everything you’ve got going on.

Where do you even begin when you’ve got a bulging To-Do list? Where do you start?

The answer, my sweet, is to prioritise your list.

Not everything is as important as everything else. And when you can prioritise your list of actions, activities and tasks, it makes getting started so much easier.

Prioritising will help you to conquer the procrastination that comes with not knowing what to do first. And it will help you to feel more in control of your day. Such a win-win! And I can’t wait for you to begin.

How to prioritise your tasks

1. Review your goals/life plan/intention

The first step is to review your goals. If you haven’t set goals for yourself, then think about the intention you want to have for your life. What kind of person you want to be in the different roles you have.

You need to have a sense of what you’re going towards because the truth is, we’re all going in a particular direction. The question is, are you choosing the direction you’re headed in or allowing life to drift you toward a destination you don’t really want to end up at?

Living with intention is the backbone of being able to focus on what matters, so you’ll probably hear me chirp about this point all the time!

2. Ask ‘Will it get me closer?’ or ‘Does it align?’

Once you know where you’re headed, the next step in how to prioritise your tasks is to ask a clarifying question;

What’s the one thing I can do, that by doing it, everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?

from the one thing book by gary keller


Will this task or activity get me closer to one of my goals?

If the answer is “Yes”, then this is an important task or activity and you can keep it on your list. And if you’re a diagram-loving person, you can put this task into quadrant 1 or 2 of the Eisenhower Matrix.

If the answer is no, then this is a task or activity that you can look at possibly getting rid of completely or giving to someone else. Even if this task or activity is urgent, you need to seriously consider passing this one over.

Now, if you’ve made a commitment to something like an ongoing activity, honour your word by not leaving people in the lurch. But then give whoever you need to give the appropriate notice that you’ve got to prioritise other things in this season of your life right now and you’ll be hanging up your skates with that activity at such and such a time in the future.

No one’s gonna get offended if you give them more than enough notice and you thank them for allowing you to be involved in the activity until now. A gracious hand-off is appreciated. So hand-off an activity in the way you’d like someone to hand off an activity with you.

3. If I could only do one thing, what would it be?

Once you’ve whittled your list down to the tasks that you’re going to keep on your To-Do list, you then need to ask another clarifying question.

This is a great focusing question. If you want to know how to prioritise your tasks, this is the question you need to ask once you’ve got your list of keepers…

If I could only do one thing, what would it be?

So, if you only had time to do ONE thing on your list, what would it be?

THAT, my friend, is your number one task. Number it. Highlight it. Circle it. Sticker it if you like. It’s a biggun!

Ask this question again to help you number the rest of your list.

If I had time to do one more thing, what would it be?

When you’ve asked this all the way down your list, you’ll have a list that is prioritised and will help you to move closer to your goals and live more intentionally.

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How to Prioritise Your Tasks Like a Pro
How to Prioritise Your Tasks Like a Pro

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  1. I love to-do-lists. It’s so important for me to prioritize what needs to be down by writing things down and seeing them on paper. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Me too! Checking things off gives me such a boost!

  2. These are beautiful and would definitely help keep me organized. Thanks for them!

  3. Helpful tips indeed to become more organized with our plans. I usually do my planner in the morning to list my task for the day so O have guide on what to do and be productive as well

  4. Love this! I do this in my head but I really do need to write it down!

  5. Prioritizing tasks is a life changer. To-do lists are never-ending and knowing what needs to be done makes my day go that much smoother.

    1. Yes!! Kinda like housework 😆. If you don’t know where to start, you won’t begin. So it’s good to start somewhere. Prioritising helps because we have such limited time, and it means we can filter the more important things from the not-so-important.

  6. The question “If I have to do one thing, what would it be?” hit me hard. When I am overwhelmed of things to do, I ended up accomplishing nothing at all. I need to prioritize.

    1. Yes, I totally feel you. When my task list is huge, it can be paralysing not knowing where to start. So I love that question as it helps to bring a lot of clarity to my actions.

  7. That’s a great way to plan what is most important – I usually just weigh things off in my head, but that can make you forget important things

    1. Totally! I swear I still have “baby brain” even though my ‘baby’ is now 6!! 😄

  8. It is so important to prioritize and cross things off the list. These are great tips for success with tasks.

  9. I love this! I am someone who gets overwhelmed easily and it makes me flustered. I have been trying to think more about “what is one thing i want/need to get done today and what else if i had the time?” It really helps me align everything.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Yes! Good read! I use my planner daily, it helps me prioritize and not forget things.

  11. I’m always trying to improve my task and goal planning. I think it’s so wonderful to be able to know what tasks are top priority and to be able to implement all my planned strategies in the best and most Efficient way possible. Love your recommendations!

  12. Prioritizing really does help with procrastination. If I don’t have an order to things, I’ll sometimes just put things off.

  13. useful reminders and tips on getting things done.. i am constantly reminding myself so i can keep checking off things on my list

  14. That planner is too cute! Love the design!

  15. I liked your daily planner. Prioritize has helped me to complete many things that otherwise would have been impossible to do before its due date. Thanks!

  16. I needed this!!! I’m always feeling overwhelmed with all the to-dos. Can’t wait to use the planner you provided to start prioritizing everything!