Pretty paper at your fingertips.


Pretty paper on autopilot.

Inside our stationery club, we give you beautiful and motivational stationery that helps you get organised so that you can finally start spending time on your priorities.

Our monthly bundles are packed with items to organise your month, your week and your day so that you have a plan – and that plan looks good!

Our Member’s Area also includes videos that include tips on productivity, organisation or using the items in the bundles.

Let's brighten your life with beautiful stationery.

Does this sound familiar?




You want to live a more organised, intentional life, but instead you often feel overwhelmed, behind or just disorganised.


You want to make progress on your goals, but life often gets in the way, or you just lose sight of what your goals are and not much gets done.


You just want to refresh your stationery regularly but you don’t have the time to create your own or surf mindlessly on the internet only to find second-rate items that aren’t even pretty.

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What our members say...

Beautiful & functional!

I am so impressed with the beautiful graphics you use in your products! Working as a graphic designer/production artist for over 30 years, your work catches my breath in a very good way!

Both beautiful AND functional – what more could I ask for? Please keep it up! Happy to be a part of this membership – using the tracker daily!

- Carol -

You've really helped me!

I’ve been a subscriber now for 3 months and have not been disappointed! Your collections are beautiful, and very practical! You’ve really helped me to get my family a bit more organised!

So thank you very much for that! Looking forward to many more months of writing and organising with you all.

- jill -

You are phenomenal!

You are phenomenal! So far I am so excited to start writing some snail mail notes to friends and family while we are all suffering in lockdown.

Thank you for your beautiful products!

- jessica -

The prettiest paper

I am so excited to use your beautiful products as a way to still feel like me when I am homeschooling a teenage boy😂

We all need a little glitter and sparkle in our life, so thank you for giving me the prettiest paper to goal plan on, menu plan on, assignment plan on and just be me on!! Cheers!

- April -

And I’m just like you. I’m a busy woman with a lot of things on my plate. I love stationery but I don’t want to waste my time looking for beautiful items. Can you relate?

I needed a system to filter out what wasn’t necessary so that I could focus on the things that really mattered. So I created it. And what started off as simply a daily planning page, became a huge digital stationery movement that now serves hundreds of women all around the world.

Join us and make your life pretty!

say hello to your

Pretty Paper Club

Our stationery club is a monthly digital subscription providing beautiful stationery to help keep you productive and focused on what truly matters to YOU.

Here's what you'll get each month


A monthly bundle

Meet Samara, our tropical August stationery collection. It’s full of tropical greenery and exotic animals and features a rich chunky font. Samara is bold, colourful and vibrant and full of summer vibes!

Every month, you’ll receive a beautiful bundle of digital stationery that you can print at home. Our monthly bundles include:

  • A motivational art print quote

  • Bible verse cards

  • monthly calendars (also in A5 / US Half-Letter)

  • a daily planner (also in A5 / US Half-Letter)

  • a goal planner (also in A5 / US Half-Letter)

  • kids note paper

  • kids note cards

  • kids note card envelopes

  • kids weekly planner

  • a life assessment (also in A5 / US Half-Letter)

  • list pages (also in A5 / US Half-Letter)

  • a monthly budget

  • monthly meal planner

  • a monthly tracker

  • note paper (also in A5 / US Half-Letter)

  • note cards

  • note card envelopes

  • weekly chores page

  • weekly menu planner

  • weekly view page (also in A5 / US Half-Letter in two different formats!)

  • weekly review page (also in A5 / US Half-Letter)

  • plus mobile and desktop wallpapers.


A monthly surprise bonus

Each month we also include a surprise bonus item! These monthly bonus items are different each month and are created out of the suggestions that come direct from our members!


We love the monthly bonus because it’s just like having a mini birthday each month!

August's Bonus - Party Invites

Your printables are gorgeous!

- Joy -

Join Now



  • $12.99 billed monthly

  • 26+ beautiful digital stationery items

  • Items in A4 & US Letter

  • Several items also in A5 & US Half Letter

  • Monthly bonus item

  • Member’s Area videos



  • $129 billed annually

  • 26+ beautiful digital stationery items

  • Items in A4 & US Letter

  • Several items also in A5 & US Half Letter

  • Monthly bonus item

  • Member’s Area videos


Not sure if you want the full bundle each month?

Then join our club at the Essentials Level.

Our Essentials Level membership has the core items for each month at a lower monthly price.

Our Essentials Membership includes...

8 CORE ITEMS in A4 & US Letter:

  • Bible Verses [POPULAR!]

  • Monthly Calendar [POPULAR!]

  • Daily Planner [POPULAR!]

  • Monthly Tracker [POPULAR!]

  • Note Cards [POPULAR!]

  • Note Paper

  • Note Card Envelopes [POPULAR!]

  • Weekly View

PLUS 4 CORE ITEMS in A5 & US Half-Letter:

  • 2-page Monthly Calendar

  • Daily Planner

  • Note Paper

  • 2-page Week-to-View planner pages in BOTH horizontal and vertical layouts!

Essentials Monthly Membership

only $4.99/month

Essentials Monthly Membership

only $49/year

Our Essentials Membership doesn't include the monthly bonus or the wallpapers.

If you'd prefer having all the bells and whistles and getting more bang for your buck, we'd recommend joining at our full membership level here.

With Paper Me Pretty you'll...

  • Become more organised.

  • Be able to discover what actions you need to take to make progress on your goals.

  • Be able to focus on what needs to get done each day, week and month.

  • Have beautiful stationery that motivates you to take action.

  • Have greater clarity in your life.

  • Get beautiful stationery featuring gorgeous new designs each month.

  • Say goodbye to endless trawling through the internet or trying to create your own stationery – because who has time for that nowadays?

  • Feel like the special person you are who deserves to treat yourself to things that make you happy because each month feels like a mini birthday especially with our monthly surprise bonus!


What is Paper Me Pretty?

Paper Me Pretty is a monthly digital stationery subscription. You pay a monthly or annually subscription and receive a collection of beautifully designed digital stationery items every month. The content of the monthly bundles is updated each month in design and has the addition of a special bonus item each month. This means, each month you’ll get a monthly calendar, weekly lists etc. in gorgeous new monthly designs.

Check out everything we include in our monthly bundles here.

Do I get stationery in the mail?

Paper Me Pretty is a digital product. Items are delivered monthly to your Member’s Area each month for you to download. No physical products will be sent or shipped in the mail.

Which day of the week does the calendar start?

The monthly calendars are in two formats. One with a Monday start, and the other with a Sunday start. You’ll get access to both versions when you become a member. The Weekly View also has both a Monday or Sunday start depending on your preference.We’re Brits and we know many of our members are also based in the US, Europe, Australia (and many more places) that’s why we have both versions 😊

What if I don't need all the items?

That’s normal. You may not have kids, or maybe you won’t use the Scripture Verse Cards or perhaps you don’t need the Weekly Chores because you have a cleaner. It’s unlikely that you’ll need every single item in the bundle and that’s ok. With such a huge stack of beautiful items each month, the bundle still provides immense value even if you don’t think you’ll use every item that’s included. Plus, the goal setting sessions alone are worth more than the monthly cost. It’s a total bargain!!

If you prefer, you can join our club at our Essentials Membership Level. Our Essentials plan includes the core items for each month at a lower price including some of our most popular items! So instead of 26+ items, you'll get 8 core Full-Size items and 4 core Half-Size items each month for $4.99/month. Check out our Essentials Membership here.

I need a printable that does XYZ, do you have that?

If there’s something that you love using, but don’t see it in our bundle list, let us know! We ❤️ creating new items for our bundles and we want to provide a subscription that benefits our members. As a Member, we value your feedback on the bundle content as it helps us to create items that you love and enjoy. In fact, most of the new additions that we make for our bundles have come direct from our members! Join us now and tell us what you'd love us to create!

Do you do paper sizes like the Compact Filofax size?

At the moment, our paper sizes are in A4, A5, US Half-Letter and US Letter. We are currently working on adding other paper sizes to our monthly bundles as we know many of our members love their Filofax-style planners! We don't have a release date for smaller paper sizes just yet - but watch this space!

What's your refund policy?

As Paper Me Pretty is a digital product, refunds are not be available. However, you can cancel your membership at any time from inside your account, and we make it super easy for you to be in complete control of your membership. Details about cancelling are always available in your Member's Area.


Join before you lose our August collection!