The Best Site for Pretty Printable Monthly Calendars

Looking for beautiful monthly calendars? Your search has finally come to an end! I love printing my own monthly calendars for two reasons: one – to place inside my A5 planner and, two – to print and place on my wall.

Yes, I like to have a visual monthly calendar on my wall. So it may as well be pretty!

And the monthly calendars you get inside Paper Me Pretty are just that – pretty!

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There’s lots of space to write inside the boxes because the dates aren’t too big. Plus, there’s a handy notes section to one side which is really useful for your lists or keeping a tab on actions or activities for the month. To be honest, you could use the notes section in a lot of ways.

The monthly calendar can also be used as a tracker if you want to track a specific habit over the course of the month. This is essentially how the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld used his monthly calendar. He just placed an ‘X’ on every day he completed his habit. And if you’ve got your calendar on your wall, soon enough you’ll be motivated to not break the chain of X’s that are forming.

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The Best Site for Pretty Printable Monthly Calendars

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  1. I definitely need these so that I can keep myself organized with both my blog and candle business

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Very timely since I need a new set of monthly planners. (Mine got wet the other day)

  3. With my busy lifestyle, planners are a must. I will most definitely check this out.