4 Benefits to Viewing Your Month at a Glance

It’s important to view your month at a glance. Here’s why.

Ever walked through a new town blindfolded? I didn’t think so. Yet, so many of us do this with our time. We wander into a brand new month blind to the events that are coming up all around us. And it’s not pleasant bumping into and stumbling over those events that lay quietly in our calendars.

So today, I’m sharing four benefits to viewing your month at a glance. That way, you won’t be blind to the events that are coming up all around you.

1. Viewing your month at a glance means you can prepare better

One of the first benefits of viewing your month at a glance is that you can better prepare for the month ahead.

Being able to catch an overview of your calendar, your events, those special dates and occasions that are coming up on the horizon will give you a greater sense of calm. That’s because they won’t catch you unawares.

One of the best ways to view your month at a glance is on paper. And if you’re a die hard digital fan, here’s why I’m not a fan of a monthly overview in a digital calendar.

Paper vs Digital Calendar

In a calendar app for example, chances are you have multiple appointments and recurring activities happening all the time. And chances are that at some point, your digital calendar will require you to dive deeper into a date on your calendar if you want to know how many more events are on the same day. This means that when you’re viewing your month at a glance, you’re not getting a full picture of the important things that are happening.

A monthly calendar spread inside our stationery club.

Unless you have several colour-coded calendars that you can turn on and off and one of those calendars is called “Important events”, you won’t be able to see the flowers from the weeds. In other words, the ‘stand out’ events from the mundane.

On the other hand, with a paper calendar, you can’t fit every mundane task and event on it. So you’re forced to select which events are important enough to take up space on your physical monthly calendar. That means that when you view your monthly calendar at a glance, you’re genuinely looking at those events that you’ve acknowledged as being more important than others. Essentially, you’ve filtered out the weeds and are left with your key activities for the month ahead.

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2. You can see potential landmines

Another benefit to viewing your month at a glance is so that you can see potential landmines.

What's a landmine? Essentially, a landmine is where there is likely to be a problem with scheduling or upcoming activities.

For example; perhaps you have an important work deadline coming up in the third week of the month, but you notice that it's also the week that the kids are off school. And so, without a plan for childcare, your work might suffer. But catching these things before they blow up in your face can prevent a lot of casualties!

3. You can block off time for important things first

When you can view your entire month at a glance, you can more easily see the pockets of time where you have space for your personal projects or activities. And this makes it much easier to block off periods of time for your own priorities. So it's always a good idea to claim time for your priorities before your time has been taken up by other people's requests and agendas.

When you block off time in advance to prioritise your important items, it's easier to say 'no' to the things that might not be the best use of your time.

4. You can keep a better pulse on your goals

Another great benefit of viewing your month at a glance is that you can keep an eye on important deadlines. This is really useful when you are setting goals, for instance. Having deadlines for your milestones and goals on your monthly view makes it crystal clear to see what needs to be done by when. Meaning that you can see whether you're on task or whether timings need to be moved around.

For some reason, viewing tasks in a list with deadlines doesn't have the same effect on our brains in helping us to understand how near or far we are in time from those deadlines. But when we view the same tasks on a calendar, it's so much easier to how far away we are from them.

In conclusion

I hope you've found these points helpful so that, from now on, you won't be blind to the events that are coming up all around you.

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4 Benefits to Viewing Your Month at a Glance

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  1. This is great, didn’t realize that my natural calendar style of viewing the entire month, is actually helpful in many ways. Im a paper person and love the printables.

  2. This is definitely a great way to keep track of my schedule for my blog and my small business

  3. I prefer paper calendars because I can see everything at a glance. I love the points you make in this post.

  4. Great points!! I’m terrible about wanting everythign digital cuz i hate clutter and also you never know when you might need something on your phone on the go. but there is something to be said about having it down on paper. we have a huge monthly calendar on our back door that has all the big events that’s handy for the whole family to see on a daily basis. maybe i need to get a planner for myself now…

    1. I hear ya! All of my appointments are in my iCal too. But I just have them there for reference and I treat it kind of like a buffet. So when I sit down to plan my week ahead, I look at all my options and only put the things that I want to focus on on my “plate” in my paper planner. That way, when I sit down to work, I can stay focused because my schedule is open in front of me and never “pings” to distract me! LOL!

  5. I love the idea of viewing the month at a glance, like an overview of the goals and what needs to be achieved. Awesome idea.

  6. I agree with having to fill the calendar with important things first. It gives me a sense of relief when I add them in first.

  7. I like a paper calendar better. it’s right in front of me, I don’t have to pull it up, and some days on my job I don’t even get to sit down and look at the computer to see a digital version.

    1. So true! No “booting up” required with a paper planner! 😊

  8. You are so right! I keep meaning to do this and never get around to it. I’m trying to get better at organising my time but failing. I will use your tips!