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I love jazz, Jesus, oat milk lattes and... you guessed it - stationery!

If you're wondering how Paper Me Pretty started, get comfy and let me tell you.

As a busy mother with 3 young kids, a singing career and a blog, it may come as no surprise that I felt stretched. Like, a lot of the time.

I needed a system to filter out what wasn’t necessary so that I could focus on the things that really mattered.

I started with a daily plan. In fact, I created a template to help me design my day so that I wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel so to speak each time I planned my time.

This daily plan proved so helpful, that I soon started giving it away on my blog. And people loved it! One reader even told me that she makes her entire team use my Daily Planner every day to boost their productivity!

Over time I created more items to help me organise my time and become productive. And they really helped me to get a lot done.

I started achieving more goals and I enjoyed adding illustrations to my papers to brighten them up and inspire me.

After a few years, I launched Paper Me Pretty and what started

off as a tiny membership in the UK has quickly grown to a large community of hundreds of women in every continent on the globe!

Come and join us and add some pretty to your every day!

Plans have a wonderful way of turning dreams into reality.

- Elisa Caleb -