Beautiful Planner Inserts That Never Get Boring – For Real!

Discover pretty planner inserts that never get boring

“Every month I download the bundle, I think your design can’t get prettier than previous months, but you prove me wrong each time. June is beautiful, thanks so much!”

Carol (Annual Paper Me Pretty Member)

This is a comment from one of our annual members. And Carol’s not the only one. So many of our members agree that our monthly bundles are so pretty and they love that they come in new designs each month. If you like stationery, then you’ll want to join our club!

Our stationery never gets boring. And today I wanted to share what makes our stationery so special and how using them as planner inserts can brighten up your life.

Planner inserts that breathe joy into every day

Imagine if there were no picture books. That every single book in the whole word was simply black text on white paper – even for kids.

Now imagine living in that world, picking up a book and opening it to find it filled with images and colour!

That’s what it’s like to open up your planner when using Paper Me Pretty stationery as your planner refills.

Most planners are functional, black and white, and BORING! But not with us!

Not only is our stationery colourful and beautiful, it changes every single month. This means that every month, you’re treated to a new feast of colour and adventure! Our monthly stationery bundles are each designed around a theme. We take our inspiration from lots of places; cities around the world, seasons, activities, events and more!

If you haven’t joined our pretty paper movement yet, life is too short to wait! Make your life pretty today!

Create our items with us!

We’re a big believer in “giving the people what they want”. Which is why we ask all of our members to tell us what they’d love to see inside our monthly bundles. And they have!

For the past year or so now, every single item we’ve introduced into our monthly bundles has come from one of our members. Every improvement and every update we make is fuelled by what our members prefer and want to see!

This means that, if there’s something we don’t have inside our monthly bundles which YOU would really like us to have, let us know! We LOVE creating items that our members love to use. It’s a ‘win’ for our members because they’re shaping the content of our bundles. And it’s a ‘win’ for us because happy members continue to stay!

And this is not to brag, but we don’t have many members leave us once they join. Why? Because it’s just SO GOOD being a member! If you don’t believe me, join us for yourself and see! There’s no minimum contract or anything. And you’re completely in control of your subscription and can start and stop at any time.

So if you like stationery, you’ll want to join our club now!

do you like pretty stationery?

Join our club!

Each month, our members get 25+ beautiful stationery items to print at home.

Our stationery helps you become organised and productive for a tiny monthly price!

Beautiful Planner Inserts That Never Get Boring - For Real!

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  1. What a great opportunity for members to share their ideas.

  2. Gervin Khan says:

    Wow! This planner looks cool! The design is just so mesmerizing. Loved it and hope to get mine too!

  3. I love a good planner, with even prettier inserts! I’m a bit of a stationary addict, LOL. I am going to check out your membership!

  4. I love that you listen to your members. They all look lovely.

  5. Monica Simpson says:

    My friend is really into planners. She would love these! It makes me want to get back into using one.