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Protect Your Self Care and Boost Your Productivity with Pretty Stationery

March 04, 20245 min read


Can I share something I find to be really therapeutic? I mean, like, doing this one thing is probably why I’m not paying hundreds per hour to a shrink?

It’s writing.

Writing can open so many thoughts and ideas. Thoughts that I never even knew existed sometimes! And even if you don’t consider yourself to be a writer, I’m not here to tell you that you should start. I only mentioned this as an activity I do that helps me to process my thoughts and create more mindfulness in my life.

Now, for you it may not be writing, but I know for sure that you need activities in your life to help you create more mindfulness. You need activities in your life which boost your self care. Why? Because if you don’t look after yourself, and your mind, you’ll eventually burn out, erupt or bottle up harmful emotions that can end up stealing your joy and peace.

So today, I want to talk about how something as simple as pretty paper can be your ticket to better self-care and greater productivity.

Protect Your Self Care and Boost Your Productivity with Pretty Stationery

How can stationery help with self care?

Writing, scribbling, doodling—call it what you want, but there's something deeply therapeutic about putting pen to paper. Studies have actually shown that the physical act of writing helps to create pathways in our brains. So, what does that mean?

Well, it means that writing boosts our memory and creates connections in our mind. This is vital when you consider that being mindful requires us to be present in the moment and more connected to ourselves. It's one of the reasons why writing improves mindfulness. And writing, my friend, requires stationery!

When you journal or write in a diary, you can sweep through the cluttered corners of your mind, organise your thoughts, and gain more clarity and peace. Stationery isn't just for jotting down notes; it can help you create moments of reflection and taking time out for yourself. Journaling allows you to pour your heart out, untangle your thoughts, and celebrate your wins, big or small. And investing in pretty stationery is a tangible reminder that you are caring for yourself and you are worth investing it.

Protect Your Self Care and Boost Your Productivity with Pretty Stationery

Won't any stationery do that?

Not all stationery is created equal, my friend. While any pen and paper can serve the purpose, there's something enchanting about pretty stationery that sparks joy. When you use our stationery that's beautifully curated with vibrant colours and elegant designs—it's like a breath of fresh air for your mind!

Each month, we release a new monthly collection. Some months may be calming and neutral (like the one pictured on this page). Other months may be bold and bright, or floral and whimsical. One of the perks of being a member is that each month is a surprise and creates a new experience.

Our pretty stationery isn't just functional; it's inspiring. When you surround yourself with beauty, you're giving yourself small reinforcements of self-care and love. And when you use our stationery to organise your tasks, your day, your meals, or your month, you're increasing your productivity at the same time!

"One of the perks of being a member is that each month is a surprise and creates a new experience."

Protect Your Self Care and Boost Your Productivity with Pretty Stationery

Why choose Paper Me Pretty stationery?

If you've not come across our enchanting corner of the internet before, welcome to Paper Me Pretty! We're a British brand that's dedicated to creating beautiful, printable stationery that you can print at home. We have a monthly membership and our members live in every continent in the world!

We're quite proud of the fact that we have members who've been with us for years - right from the very beginning. And why do they stay? Well, we like to think it's because we're different from everyone else out there.

What sets us apart? Well, apart from the fact that each month we release a new collection, bursting with fresh inspiration. We also include a special monthly surprise bonus each month!

Not only that, but our members love us because we also listen closely to what they want and need. Often our surprise is born from the suggestion of one of our members. Or when we upgrade our monthly content, it's because one or more members had requested something.

We've grown our monthly collection from 11 items to over 26 items each month!! That's what sets us apart.

Our illustrations are always gorgeous. From watercolour pastels to bold geometrics, our stationery reflects every mood and colour palette under the sun.

But there's more! We're not just about pretty designs. You see, I started this brand out of a need I had to organise my life. I started creating my own lists and planner pages, and several people told me how my lists had been helping them get more done. Then, because I get bored staring at the same old paper, I added illustrations and started updating them all the time, and hey presto!, Paper Me Pretty was born!

So, as you can see, our stationery is crafted with productivity principles in mind because we believe in the power of self-improvement. With Paper Me Pretty, you're not just jotting down notes; you're living your best life, one page at a time.

Click here to join our club today and make pretty paper a part of your life!

Join the Paper Me Pretty stationery club and get beautiful stationery every month!

Until next time, stay pretty, stay productive, and give yourself a little self-care today!

Elisa ❤️

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