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How Pretty Stationery Can Help Boost Mindfulness

February 12, 20244 min read


Why are most offices boring? Because they use boring stationery!!

All jokes aside, there’s actually a grain of truth in that statement. Boring stationery is….well….boring!! And when you’re bored, chances are you’re just going through the motions.

Girl, if you’ve got goals you want to achieve this year, I beg you PLEASE don’t continue to just go through the motions. Take time to be intentional about your actions. And that means increasing your mindfulness.

How pretty stationery can help boost your mindfulness

Why is mindfulness important?

Mindfulness has become a hot topic of late, and it’s really not that surprising. The huge increase of social media and constant device usage has left the majority of people feeling disconnected. Disconnected from other people and from themselves.

Mindfulness is about reconnecting with yourself in the current moment. It’s about being present and intentional about where you are focusing your thoughts. And by doing that, you’ll find that your actions, in turn, become more intentional and guided. And you finally stop drifting through life and start living it!

How pretty stationery can help boost your mindfulness

How can pretty stationery help mindfulness?

Stationery can greatly help to improve your mindfulness, because it causes you to slow down and take stock of your actions. Physically writing things down adds intention. Reviewing your week causes reflection. Planning your goals also helps you to reflect and take a step back to think about the steps you’ll need to take to accomplish your goal.

Having pretty stationery is a double benefit because it also adds that element of self care that’s missing from so many corporate notebooks and plain stationery stock.

In essence, pretty stationery adds colour and vibrancy which can lift your mood and inspire you.

2023 was a pretty rough year for me. There were crises happening left, right and centre and I felt continually drained - emotionally and physically. I know that if it wasn't for the little things that I kept up during that time, I would have completely burnt out.

What were those little things?

  • Using my A5 planner which contained my monthly collections from Paper Me Pretty. This gave me a small window of time to myself each month as I inserted the following month's pages to just slow down, plan on pretty paper and revive my hope (which was taking a huge battering at that time!). Trust me, THIS small practice here was total self care for me at the time!

  • Looking at my monthly calendar (again this is one of the items in our monthly collections - and you can get one FREE here!). I keep a printed calendar on my wall for planning and it was helpful to look forward and think about what was coming up in the month. It also helped me not to put too much on my plate which would just add to my feeling of exhaustion at that time.

  • Having a system for organising my life. This was a new development for me last year and it was so powerful, I wanted to share it with everyone. You can check out this post I wrote here on how I organise my entire life.

How pretty stationery can help boost your mindfulness. Join our stationery club today!

Why is Paper Me Pretty the best option for getting pretty stationery into my life?

Joining our stationery club is the best way to get pretty stationery in your life that continues to motivate and inspire you. That’s because our stationery themes change each month so that you're able to continually refresh your stationery collection.

Even the brightest stationery can become like wallpaper if it’s used every day and never changed. Which is why we love giving our members new stationery collections each month!

When your stationery is regularly refreshed, your tasks, goals and plans are always given a new lease of life and a renewed energy which helps them to keep moving forward!

Join our club today! ⤵️

Beautiful, printable stationery each month for your planner and your life.

Here's what some of our members have been saying about our monthly collections:

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Beautiful, printable stationery each month for your planner and your life.

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Pin itStationery can greatly help to improve your mindfulness, because it causes you to slow down and take stock of your actions. And our stationery club is the best way to add new and inspiring stationery to your life each month. Check it out here! #stationery #mindfulness #selfcare

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