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Easily Transform Your Workspace with Adorable Stationery Now

March 11, 20244 min read


I wrote an article once, on a website many moons ago, about how I massively improved my productivity by simply decluttering my desk. In truth, up to that point, I had been working on a desk covered in stacks of paper and random items. I even found a rock on my desk. A rock!! 🙄

So I suppose it’s not surprising to know that clearing off all the junk improved my productivity. But what's probably less obvious is how making your environment visually pleasing actually increases your happiness, and therefore your energy, and ultimately your productivity!

It might seem unrelated but it’s totally logical and when you realise that, it seems like the most obvious thing in the world. Up-level your physical space visually and you’ll also upgrade your productivity.

Easily Transform Your Workspace with Pretty Stationery

Easily Transform Your Workspace with Adorable Stationery Now

If you're new around here, at Paper Me Pretty, we believe that pretty stationery is good for you. And in this post, I'll be looking at how transforming your workspace can indeed transform your productivity and overall happiness. And today we're going to dive into how our adorable stationery can help you do just that!

Stationery is stationery, isn't it?

Well, no. Not all stationery is created equal. Part of the reason I started this company was because I was bored of the bland notebooks and planners out there and I wanted something unique.

We have members who’ve told us about how they’re constantly amazed at how beautiful our stationery is. Here's what some of our lovely members have to say:

"I am so impressed with the beautiful graphics you use in your products! Working as a graphic designer/production artist for over 30 years, your work catches my breath in a very good way!" - Carol

"I’ve been a subscriber now for 3 months and have not been disappointed! Your collections are beautiful, and very practical!" - Jill

"We all need a little glitter and sparkle in our life, so thank you for giving me the prettiest paper to goal plan on, menu plan on, assignment plan on and just be me on!!" - April

At Paper Me Pretty, we understand the importance of having a workspace that not only functions well, but also inspires your creativity and productivity. That's why we're passionate about creating stationery that's not only practical but also delightful to use.

Easily Transform Your Workspace with Adorable Stationery Now

Can't I just use stationery from the supermarket?

You could, but then your environment would soon lack that “fresh and inspiring” aspect when your stationery starts to blend into the background. When your calendar becomes camouflage and your weekly plan becomes wallpaper, you've got a problem.

This is why we change up our themes every month, so that members get fresh and inspiring stationery and are constantly motivated to take action on their goals and tasks.

Our stationery collections are released each month with a brand new theme. These designs range from whimsical florals to sophisticated geometric patterns, ensuring there's something to suit every taste and style. Whether you prefer pastel hues or bold, vibrant colours, our stationery collections will add a touch of personality to your workspace and make planning your day a joyful experience.

Easily Transform Your Workspace with Adorable Stationery Now

How can I transform my workspace?

It's simple! Sign up to our membership club, download and print the items you want to use. Take your productivity to a whole new level as you start using our daily planners, goal planning pages, habit trackers, and more!

Elevate your workspace, upgrade your productivity, and join our club for fresh, inspiring designs monthly. Transform your daily routine with adorable stationery and make every day an opportunity for something wonderful! #StationeryAddict #OfficeInspiration #StationeryLove #Productivity #DailyPlanner

Our planner pages are designed to help you stay productive and focused, allowing you to break down your tasks into manageable steps or track your progress towards your goals. With sections for prioritising tasks, scheduling appointments, and jotting down ideas, our stationery will become your essential side-kicks in tackling your daily to-do lists and goals with ease.

But it's not just about functionality; it's also about adding a touch of beauty to your everyday routine. Our collections feature beautifully illustrated designs and expertly curated fonts that elevate your desk or table and make planning feel like a mini-retreat!

Join us today and discover the joy of planning, working, or dreaming in a space filled with pretty stationery that inspires you to achieve your goals, one beautiful page at a time. Let's make your home or desk a stationery haven!

With Paper Me Pretty, every day is an opportunity to pursue something wonderful.

"Every day is an opportunity to pursue something wonderful."


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Pin itElevate your workspace, upgrade your productivity, and join our club for fresh, inspiring designs monthly. Transform your daily routine with adorable stationery and make every day an opportunity for something wonderful! #StationeryAddict #OfficeInspiration #StationeryLove #Productivity #DailyPlanner

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