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The Perfect To-Do List: How to Create the Best Checklist

February 05, 20244 min read


I used to write my To Do’s on random scraps of paper, or squeeze them into gaps on the back of my hand or my arm! I don’t recommend using the back of your arm as a space to prioritise your To Do list - you won’t get a great result! And, at any rate, this method meant that I was approaching my tasks with my feelings… what did I feel like doing first... And let me tell ya, starting from that position meant that I was always doing the easy tasks, or at least the tasks that didn’t really matter in the long run.

It wasn’t until I started prioritising my task list (the night before) that I experienced the impact that prioritising my list could make. And it’s a game changer!

Why is it important to prioritise your tasks?

The Perfect To-Do List How to Create the Best Checklist

As I just mentioned, when I began prioritising my tasks I experienced a huge shift in how my tasks were moving things forward in my life. I stopped drifting through life “thinking” that I was getting a lot done, when in actual fact, I was just checking off the easy things that didn’t really make much difference in the long run. And if that’s where you are right now, I encourage you to stop! There’s a better way!

Once you start prioritising your tasks and placing important tasks at the top and doing those first, it changes the game. For an in depth look at exactly how to know what’s important and how you should prioritise your tasks, check out this post here.

Placing your most important tasks at the top and working on these first means that you’ll now start working on the things that really matter. It means that you’ll be able to move your goals forward faster and get closer to creating the life you want.

Go beyond just a numbered list

The Perfect To-Do List How to Create the Best Checklist

There’s another layer to creating the perfect To Do list. Because you can have a list of ten items all numbered from one to ten, but unless you have unlimited time in the day or a serious lack of other responsibilities and activities in your life, chances are you often reach the end of the day with tasks that still haven’t been checked off your list.

And that can feel deflating, can’t it?

I mean, what’s worse than getting all fired up that you’re gonna have a productive day, numbered list in hand, and then you reach the end of the day and only made it through half of the things you intended to get done? It’s not a pleasant feeling.

And so, the next layer to our prioritise list is to separate your top three tasks. These tasks represent the three most important things you intend to do for the day, where you can say ‘when these are done, I’ve had a successful day’. These are your real needle-mover tasks. The tasks that will make a bigger impact towards your goals and projects and really help you to live your dream life.

Because, my friend, if you can accomplish 3 needle-moving tasks a day, you’ll absolutely be on fire!! Most people don’t get through one a week! Can you imagine where your life will be six months from now if you took action on three Very Important Tasks (VIT’s) a day?! You’ll be unstoppable!!

"Be unstoppable."


The secret ingredient to boost your productivity

The Perfect To-Do List How to Create the Best Checklist

And this brings us to my final point. We have something that will help you be unstoppable every day. I like to called it my ‘productivity secret ingredient’. It’s our Daily Planner page.

This page has been designed to help you prioritise your tasks, identify your top three tasks for the day and allow you to block off time in your schedule to take action. It’s the system that will help you create the best check list every single day.

I'm a huge productivity geek and love using tools that help me to become more productive. And this Daily Planner is no different. In fact, it was this Daily Planner page that started my company Paper Me Pretty in the first place!

On the first blog I ever had, I created this page and shared with everyone how I was using it to help me get things done and people loved it. One lady even wrote to me and told me that she had everyone in her company use my Daily Planner page because she found it was a game changer for her business!

And the good news is that you can get a version of our Daily Planner page completely FREE! Click here and get your Daily Planner now ⤵️

Get our Daily Planner to help you accomplish your tasks and increase your productivity

So we’ve looked at why prioritising your tasks is so important and why you need to go beyond just having a numbered list. And then I shared about our Daily Planner page to help you create the perfect To Do list so that you can really boost your productivity and become unstoppable. I know that once you start using it daily, it’ll be a game changer! Enjoy!


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