Say goodbye to boring planners! #A5Planner and #Filofax lovers, it's time to give your A5s a makeover with Paper Me Pretty. Get beautiful stationery each month with their monthly subscription.

How to Give Your A5 Planner a Pretty Makeover

July 03, 20232 min read


Are you a planner lover? Do you have an A5 planner or another type of planner where you can refill the pages? Well, if so, your life is about to change! (Is your friend a planner lover? Then forward this post to them. They’ll LOVE you for it!)

I really like using my planner. I use an A5 planner and I love the fact that I can move pages around or add or take things out if I want. That’s the beauty of a refillable planner. But, is it me, or are all the refill pages in the stationery shops just plain boring? Sorry Filofax!

Most planner refills in your regular stores are so corporate looking that I almost fall asleep browsing the shelf!

If you can relate, then I have news for you my friend!

Pretty A5 planner refills

Planner refills are no longer boring with Paper Me Pretty! With Paper Me Pretty, you can give your planner a makeover every single month. That’s because it’s a monthly subscription where you’ll get beautiful stationery each month. Every month has a new design theme so that your stationery will never be boring again! Ever!

I created Paper Me Pretty because I wanted to see beautiful pages when I opened up my planner. My handwriting isn’t the neatest and putting stickers all over my pages wouldn’t leave me with much room to write and work.

But I didn’t want to settle for those old, functional, black and white refills that just made me feel like I was living in Groundhog Day. Know what I mean?

So I started creating my own refills. And after sharing them with some friends who really loved them, I created the membership to help more planner lovers (just like you) get beautiful stationery for their planners too!

Here are some pages

Some of the items we include in our monthly bundles are a monthly calendar:

Monthly calendar

A Monthly Calendar and Weekly Planner page inside our stationery club.

Daily planning pages

Daily Planner and Weekly Planner

A Daily Planner page and Weekly Planner inside our stationery club.

A monthly tracker:

Monthly tracker page

A Monthly Tracker page inside our stationery club.

Goal planning pages:

Goal planner page

A Goal Planner page inside our stationery club.

Kids items and so much more!

Kids stationery items

Kids items inside our stationery club.

Paper Me Pretty is a digital subscription. Meaning that you’ll get digital stationery which you can print at home. This means that you don't have to wait to get items delivered, you can join the club now and start using pretty stationery today!

Want to get a sample of the items included in our monthly stationery club? Grab our Taster Bundle Pack right now!

Taster Stationery Bundle for free

"Don't settle for boring stationery.
Let's make life pretty!"


Pin itHow to Give Your A5 Planner a Pretty Makeover. Say goodbye to boring planners! #A5Planner and #Filofax lovers, it's time to give your A5s a makeover with Paper Me Pretty. Get beautiful stationery each month with their monthly subscription. #Stationery #A5Rings

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